Dr. Mitnaul | Is my child feeling anxious?

This week we discuss how to detect worry in our children – let’s talk!

According to the CDC, more than 7 percent of children ages 3-17 have a diagnosed behavior problem. That is approximately 4.4 million children. Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems among these children. Anxiety is described in many different ways including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, obsessions and compulsions and until recently trauma disorders were considered part of anxiety disorders. More than half of these children go on to receive some type of treatment.

Knowing what to look for is really helpful for parents with young children or older children. Often, our children lack emotional language to fully describe the symptoms they may be having. Feel free to share this video which outlined some of the most common signs. For more resources be sure to check out the information below. Don’t forget to ask your child’s doctor about your concerns. Early identification can be key to helping your child thrive.

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