Do nothing parenting – Jinan KB

-Reclaiming our biological instinct of nurturing

Being, not Doing – Our instrinsic nature and the ground for any awakening.

The journey from Human beings to Human Thinkings – How modernity robbed us of our true self ?

The road back to the nature – How can we reapair and undo the damage to regain our true beingness ?

The lockdown has locked up the parents and children together, which is a very fascinating situation. Parents are getting a chance to be with children for 24 hours.
How are parents dealing with this situation? Are parents enjoying the presence of children or are they being anxious, stressed out and over parenting?

The first lesson the life teaches is to nurture.

Just a generation or two ago, being with children all the time was the norm and no one ever worried about bringing up children. Even the word parenting was unknown. With the march of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ and the school invading our lives the time spent with the children has constantly decreased. This early separation has eliminated the possibility of children imbibing the experiencing of parenting and has resulted in creation of people who have lost the basic natural instinct to nurture. The inter-generational transfer of knowledge to nurture is lost in the process and this has made the parents dependent on external authority.

The first ‘experiential’ lesson a child learns is to be a parent, to nurture as that is what her first experience is.

Children in locked down-
How are children faring in this lock down situation? Are they getting bored? Are they becoming irritable? Are they stressing you out?
Are they really enjoying the sudden found freedom? Being creative, Playful, joyful?
Are they locked up or are they set free?

A three sessions webinar is being proposed to explore how to really make use of the situation of reclaiming natural parenting.

DO NOTHING PARENTING is about undoing over parenting. It is about de-stressing, dealing with anxiety of parenting and rediscovering playfulness in them. It is about how to discover joy in seeing creativity, playfulness in children. It is to re discover the biological instinct for nurture, care and bonding for a nourishing relationship.

It is to learn how to let the children be

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