Distance Learning with Common Sense: Using Crayola’s CREATE™ to Nurture Relationships with Families

Family engagement has always been a key pillar of education. But today more than ever, co-educating with families is essential for effective remote instruction. Join Common Sense Education and members of Crayola’s education team as we explore the CREATE Relationships protocol as a tool to build strong, supportive relationships within the entire learning community.

Learn practical ways to celebrate strengths, respect diversity, and extend learning with high expectations. Bring the CREATE Relationships tool to life with the Crayola Murals and Statues project. Help students think about public art and what messages art conveys. Discuss which art represents community and personal values, then design a public art plan that tells stories that need to be told.

Recorded on 10/16/2020.

Cheri Sterman (@CheriSterman)
Director of education, Crayola

James Wells (@wellskitchn)
Innovation teaching and learning manager, Crayola

Melissa Cleaver (@Mrs_GlimmerED)
Education outreach manager, Common Sense Education

Presentation slides with the links to resources listed:


Takeaway 1: The CREATE Relationships tool helps educators establish strong, positive relationships with families and promote hands-on experiences for academic growth and social and emotional health. Use the CREATE tool prompts to create positive relationships:
— Celebrate strengths.
— Respect diversity.
— Engage fully.
— Accept mistakes as human learners.
— Trust one another with positive intent.
— Extend learning with high expectations.

Takeaway 2: The CREATE tool paired with the Crayola Murals and Statues Project (http://cloud.e-mail.crayola.com/CREATERelationships) can help facilitate courageous conversations around social justice stories that need to be told.

Takeaway 3: It is important to help students see things from others’ perspectives, particularly in online environments, and Crayola’s Buddies Keep Me Company (project plan and video: http://cloud.e-mail.crayola.com/CREATERelationships) will help educators develop that habit.

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