Distance Learning with Common Sense: Privacy in a Time of Remote Learning

Jennifer Ehehalt, senior regional manager at Common Sense, sits down with Chris Hanson, educational partner at Eanes ISD in Austin, Texas, to discuss student data privacy during this time of distance learning. The two discuss simple ways to protect student privacy as well as useful resources to learn more about products and practices during the nationwide shift in the educational experience.

As schools across the country continue to close due to the coronavirus, we’re all doing our best to navigate teaching and learning from home. But let’s be honest: It’s not easy! In this twice-weekly video series from Common Sense, we sit down for short discussions with educators from all over the country to learn how they’re coping with school closures, putting together distance-learning plans, and addressing some of the challenges that come with teaching remotely.

Recorded on 4/7/2020.

Chris Hanson
Educational partner, Eanes ISD

Jennifer Ehehalt (host), @jehehalt
Senior regional manager, Common Sense Education

Vet edtech products with Common Sense privacy evaluations: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluations/1
1. Four red flags to watch out for when choosing edtech products:
The tool requires student sign-on or collects personal information.
The privacy policy allows data mining, in which companies track on-app and off-app activity, building a more complete picture of the user.
The tool uses location tracking or “geolocation” data.
The privacy policy allows third-party marketing.
2. Choose digital tools with sound privacy practices. Here are a few recommended tools:
For assessment:
Kahoot: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/kahoot
Quizizz: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/Quizizz
Socrative: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/socrative
Nearpod: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/nearpod
EDpuzzle: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/edpuzzle.
For workflow:
Google Classroom: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/Google-Classroom
Seesaw: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/seesaw:-the-learning-journal

For video capture:
Explain everything: https://privacy.commonsense.org/evaluation/explain-everything

3. Understand federal and state laws around privacy:

Are you looking for resources to help during the school closures? We’ve got you. Common Sense has free tips and tools for educators and families to support the transition to at-home learning. Get remote teaching resources, family education materials, and research-backed strategies to ease stress and encourage learning:

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See more videos from the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8TjVyuBdsCm83SWlcCqv3yfnORe0g7_q

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