What do we do with these toddlers and babies all day? There are so many benefits to creating and sticking with a daily routine. But how do we make a great schedule that’s easy to follow every day?

0:00 Why we should think about self care
1:11 Scheduling nap and bed times
1:59 Scheduling meal and snack times
2:36 Bedtime routine
3:51 Extra tips

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About Me

Hi Villagers, I’m Jade, the happy mother of a 3 year-old master negotiator whose brain never seems to rest and a 2 year-old bundle of joy and risky adventures. And my husband is from France.
I have always been interested in the process of teaching, training & coaching. After I graduated from ASU with my master’s degree in education, I spent 10 years in the education world, including several years as a teacher.

My experiences and my research made me realize how the first 3 years of life are the most important years in one’s personality & brain development.

Through this portal, I will explain how:

* to create tools to channel your child’s emotions
* to develop activities to stimulate your child’s brain
* to handle allergies and eczema
* to raise bilingual children
* to manage your budget
* to travel with kids

Why villagers? Because we all have a part to play in the process of developing our children.
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