Cooking Oil Review At The Grocery Store – Healthy vs Toxic Oils

Here’s a follow up to first cooking oils video because I wanted to explain when to use different types of oil while cooking and what to look for when buying them. The most common cooking oils like canola and sunflower, and some of the most processed oils around, but if you look for expeller pressed, they are not nearly as bad for you. These are not oils I would cook with every day, but some deep frying or something that requires a lot of oil, this is what you want to use because avocado oil can be expensive. In this review video, we also talk about avocado oil, flavored oil, and the most heart healthy cooking oils. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…Rose…and Art! XOXO

Bobby Approved Ebook shopping guide:
The guide is only on Amazon. You need to download the kindle app to any device and you can read it. You can’t buy it from the Amazon app for some reason, use a browser 😉

Cooking oils:
Use this oil for deep/pan frying, not only expeller pressed, but high oleic has a better fatty acid profile:

Avocado oil, great price(but Costco is better):

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