Conversations with Common Sense: COVID-19: Setting Your Kids Up for Healthy Relationships

Conversations with Common Sense brings together authors, experts, and thought leaders for meaningful and timely dialogue on what it means to raise healthy and happy kids in the digital age. This special COVID-19 edition will feature tips and advice on keeping kids engaged, entertained, and learning while at home, as well as best practices for managing stress and self-care for the whole family during this time of social distancing.

Special guest Shafia Zaloom is a health educator whose focus is ethics and social justice. A goal all parents share is for their children to grow up to have healthy sexual and romantic relationships. Why not use this time of confinement to position kids to achieve that in their private lives? In a moderated conversation with Common Sense’s New York education director, Tali Horowitz, Shafia offers tips for encouraging conversation around the most sensitive (but ultimately the most important) parenting topic, from understanding consent to being respectful and safe in their future relationships.

Recorded on 4/22/2020.


Shafia Zaloom @shafiazaloom
Health educator and consultant

Tali Horowitz (host) @TaliCSM
New York education director, Common Sense

Be the Askable Parent: Don’t make assumptions, and ask questions with genuine curiosity and without judgment. Shafia’s book, Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between, provides excellent guidance (
You can’t build relationships through a device, but you can help maintain them.
Initiate “connected conversations”: You don’t have to have one big talk; you can have lots of smaller conversations about the big ideas (consent, sex, pornography, etc.). Shafia recommends for great conversation starters.
Learning about sex from porn is like learning to drive by watching Fast and Furious, but you can use media to share your values and ask thoughtful questions (

Are you looking for resources to help during the school closures? We’ve got you. Common Sense has free tips and tools for educators and families to support the transition to at-home learning. Get the best ratings, reviews, and advice so you can keep your kids engaged, entertained, and learning while at home:

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