Chan Fun Shin – Teaching our Children about Sex, and Anxiety Free Relationship @ Sugar and Spice!

Chan Fun Shin will be presenting 1) Teaching our Children about Sex, and 2) Anxiety Free Relationship @ Sugar and Spice!

The Sugar and Spice Festival aims to change the belief that Asians don’t talk about sex. We aim to impart positive messages and learning around sex, sexuality and sexual wellness. Throughout this festival we will work to heal the perception and wounding that Asians hold around their sexuality. This is caused by the lack of sexual education and positive sexual modelling. Get your festival pass at!

Sex is a taboo in most Asian countries. The process of growing up has never been a topic in parenting. Some schools even believe that by teaching students about sex can cause early involvement in sex activities or even promiscuity.

With the rapid streaming of information on the internet, parents and schools have no control over what our younger generation are exposed to. False information are all over the internet. To protect our next generation from harmful sex misconception, early prevention is a must!

The aim of this workshop is to reconstruct how we perceive sex. I’ll share some ways we can overcome talking about sex in front our young ones. Most of the time it is not about knowledge, rather it is more towards our perception towards this sensitive topic. We can always find information on Google but it requires a lot of practice before we can address sex without barrier.

Interactive workshop. This session is aimed at parents with children and school teachers.

“Anxiety” is a big word that stops us from enjoying sex. Anxiety can come from everywhere. Financial, work, family relationships, health etc. Often or not, anxiety will somehow manage to sneak it’s way into our bedroom and interrupt our sex live.

To avoid that from happening, let’s look into a new form of behavior therapy that may help all of us to be able to enjoy sex better. I’ll be sharing the principals of the behavior therapy and ways to apply on bed. Let’s come together to keep the anxiety outside and realign our focus to what is happening in the here-and-now.

Interactive workshop. Approach: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help participants to be mindful while engaging in sexual activities

Certified Sex Consultant (SSSS, Taiwan)

Registered Counsellor (Board of Counselling, Malaysia)

Masters in Counselling (HELP, Malaysia)

Bachelor’s in Psychology (UNISA, Australia)


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