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Welcome to the Wicked Healthy Kids cooking class! Thank you for hanging out with us as we create some super simple, super delicious meals and snacks your whole family will love.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you get started:

First, this is not a cooking school with tests to take and high pressure, do-it-all-right-or-you’re-out kinda attitudes. At Wicked Healthy, we are all about helping you become the best plant-based cooking ninja you can be. That requires a bit of zen, a bit of work, and mostly, a passion for creating some crazy delicious food.

Remember—we’re chefs on a mission! We want you to eat the best food you can, cooked in your own home as often as possible, and we want to be able to give back to charities and organizations that are doing good things for food, for health, and for the planet. So thanks for joining us!

Recipes, Grocery, and Equipment Resources:

Second, you’ll find the recipes for each video in a downloadable PDF here:

…a printable version of that here:

…and a helpful grocery checklist that is downloadable as well:

Get Ready to Cook:

Finally, if you’re going to cook along with us, make sure you have the following things:

All the ingredients for each recipe. It’s a good plan to watch the video you’re interested in once through, then review the recipe and write down the ingredients you need on the downloadable grocery list, and ensure you have the right equipment. We use very basic equipment in this class, but a food processor is helpful, along with a blender of any type, sheet pans and baking dishes, a cast iron pan, a cutting board and some mixing bowls. Ensure you have a sharp chef’s knife and safe, kid-appropriate tools if your little ones are joining you.

A clean kitchen, and a clear, safe workspace for the kiddos.

Ok, that’s it for now. You’ll find all 13 videos for this class in the Wicked Healthy Kids playlist on our channel. Let’s get cookin’!

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