Bonding with Baby – How New Dads Can Bond With Their Newborn | Dad University

For dads, bonding with the baby can sometimes be a struggle. The bonding doesn’t always happen right away. New dads will often try to do things while the baby is in the womb to inrease their connection. Once the baby is born, we often expect that we will immediately bond with it. This is often not the case.

Dads will often compare themselves to moms which really isn’t fair. They have 9 months of carrying the child which is a completely different experience that allows them to bond.

In this video, Jason goes over a few baby bonding tips that soon to be fathers can do while the baby is still in the womb. Jason then goes into a few baby bonding ideas for once the child is born This will give fathers some great ideas on what they can do to bond with the baby.

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