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Tonight’s #Blendedlife topics include:
1. When you think the grass is greener on the other side and want to leave your spouse and end your family. When you feel like you’re missing out on something greater by staying put. When you are feeling that way, we want to tell you some things that will (hopefully) bring you back down to planet Earth.
2. We will discuss the ripple effects this pandemic and lockdown have had on people; on friendships, on #marriages, on #parenting, on everyone’s mental health, etc. It’s okay to cry uncle!
3. We answer a laundry list of questions from a woman who is feeling lost in her blended family (we’ve all been there): She wrote in asking the following: 1. How do you deal with a malicious mother who has been alienating her child from their father? 2. How do you deal with someone filing child support against your partner when they are the ones paying for everything to begin with? 3. How do I set boundaries with my “step son” without my partner taking offense? 4. How do you form a relationship with a step child when their bio parent is talking really bad you?
We would love your topic suggestions or questions for future podcasts! Please message us with anything you’ve got. Chances are if you are dealing with an issue, so are the rest of us!

LINK to graduation signs mentioned in tonight’s video:

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