BE THE ULTIMATE MOTHER | Subliminal Affirmations for Gentle Parenting

Learn to practice gentle, consistent, and firm but fair parenting skills with this powerful subliminal affirmations session designed to help you become the ultimate mother in the 21st century. With societal changes, mothers in this technological age face many challenges not necessarily experienced by our own mothers or grandmothers. Life is more fast paced and stressful, many mothers work or go to school while raising their children alone, and there is a significant and sometimes unhealthy reliance upon technology. With this subliminal audio session, train your subconscious mind to:

►tap into your natural mother instinct and intuition
►be more emotionally available to your child
►have more confidence in your abilities to be a great mother, even if work outside the home
►desire to spend more quality time with your child, and have the energy to do so
►accept your child as an individual with unique wants and needs
►encourage learning and technology free activities
►encourage your child to be independent

Listen to the version for fathers here:
Listen to the version for all parents (regardless of gender) here:


Listen to the track at a comfortable volume, with or without headphones.

Consistency is key. For best results, listen every day, preferably at the same time each day, for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Once per day is sufficient. Results are highly individual, and some people begin to experience positive changes much sooner than others, but for full and long lasting results, it is recommended that you listen for up to 12 weeks.

Subliminal affirmations can cause drowsiness and inattention. Never listen while driving, operating machinery or engaging in other potentially dangerous activities which require your full attention. If you are under the age of 18, please obtain permission from a parent or guardian before listening. As with any complimentary therapy, results are highly individual and therefore cannot be guaranteed or predicted. For best results, listen as directed above.


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(both “I” and “You” versions are featured in the audio)

I am a great mother.
I have a strong maternal instinct.
I am loving and attentive to my child.
My parenting skills are improving each day.
I love to spend time with my child.
I love teaching my child.
I put my child’s interests ahead of my own.
I am gentle and loving.
My child knows they are loved and important.
My child feels safe with me.
I protect my child.
I am consistent.
I am firm but also fair.
I read to my young child.
I encourage reading and learning.
I encourage healthy physical activities.
I play fun games with my child.
I resist the urge to be overprotective.
I allow my child to try new things.
Lashing out at my child is inappropriate.
I am willing to apologize to my child if I have hurt them.
I set age appropriate rules and boundaries.
I have reasonable expectations of my child.
I know what is important to my child.
I know my child’s wishes and dreams.
I know what makes my child happy.
I intuitively know the best way to deal with misbehavior.
I remain calm when my child misbehaves.
My expectations are realistic and age appropriate.
I am satisfied with gradual changes in behavior.
I concentrate on the positive.
I choose my battles and only have a few rules for my child.
I have a sense of humor.
I am confident when teaching my child various skills.
I limit the amount of time my child spends on technology.
I limit the amount of time I spend on technology.
I help my child find healthy alternatives to technology.
My child and I regularly unplug and do non-virtual things together.
I take time to listen to my child, without judgement.
Consequences for my child are clear and predictable.
My child knows what to expect from me.
I am gentle and even tempered even when my child misbehaves.
I encourage my child to be independent.
I encourage my child to make their own choices.
I am willing to change my parenting style when something isn’t working.
Sometimes my child is unpredictable and that’s okay.
Sometimes my child doesn’t like me and that’s okay.
My child is an individual.
I model the behavior I want to see in my child.
I have a great relationship with my child.


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