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the total speech was given in the description:
Have you ever faced any difficulty in telling lies, because if you start with one lie it might end up with hundreds of lies to cover up the story?
have you ever felt like a failure because telling lies makes you untrustworthy?

Have you ever depressed because telling lies makes you so stressed in life?

with these, you would know the importance and the value of honesty.

Being honest makes you trustworthy

Being honest makes you very successful in life

Being honest keeps you mentally and physically healthy

I could recollect a childhood story, it is a known story but a very interesting story.

Once upon a time, there lived a poor woodcutter named Ramu. He cutting wood from the trees from the forest and sell to merchants was his livelihood.

One day he was cutting a tree with his iron axe at the bank of a river. Suddenly the axe got slipped from his hands and fell into the river.

he was so worried because it was the only axe which earns for his livelihood.

then he prayed to God very sincerely and the god was pleased and appeared in front of him and asked what he wants.

then the poor and sincere woodcutter told the total episode.

then god put his hand in the river and took a silver axe, the woodcutter sincerely told that it was not his axe.then god again put his hand and took out a golden axe, again the woodcutter very sincerely refused to take that gold axe and asked for his iron axe.

then god smiled at him and took his iron axe out and gave it to him. The woodcutter was extremely happy and thanked God for finding his axe.

God was so impressed by his sincerity and honesty and rewarded him with the gold and silver axes also.
the woodcutter was overwhelmed and happy and led his life very happily.
No matter what, we should always be honest in every situation
Any gains that come from dishonesty are temporary and will never keep you happy.
Honesty is a virtue that is found in very few people, and one must nurture and need to be protected.

here we have two aspects of Honesty

1. Being honest with others
2. Being honest with yourself.
being honest with other
it keeps you a stressfree and peaceful and successful life and it can be attained by brought up by good parenting and from the good society and surroundings.

but the second being honest with yourself plays a very crucial and very important role in every aspect of your life.
if you are lying to yourself, for example, your target is to put down your weight and you have a scheduled plan to achieve and you are not honest enough to follow, who is gonna lose, YOU.
so be honest with you will make you honest in everything in life and makes you successful in life.

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