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Choose your options in life “WISE or OTHERWISE”!
Now we can do it “Scientifically” and lead a “STRESS FREE LIFE”.
Sounds interesting? Excited to know about yourself?

We map the brain lobes distribution scientifically and identify the inborn talents & potentials of the individuals.
This Analysis is very scientific and latest technology in embryology and Neurosciences.
With this technology, we can study & identify several parameters about an individual which he or she has acquired by birth and may not even be aware of.
We guide teenagers, parents about their children, students and adults by identifying the below:
– Inborn Talents
– Innate Potentials
– Inherent strengths & capabilities
– Brain Distribution of Left and Right Hemisphere
– Learning Sensitivity or the learning speed
– Quotient Distribution – Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Adversity quotient, Creativity Quotient and effect of each other on them.
– Personality Trait and how to capitalize their strengths and opportunities to improve for Dominant, Influential, Steady and Compliant personalities.
– Communication character – Reflective, Affective, Cognitive or Reverse Learner
– Multiple Intelligence Distribution
– Predominant Learning Style – Visual Learner or Auditory Learner or Kinesthetic Learner
– Extracurricular Activities needed for their development
– Best Career Options about various professions basing on the above.

With all the above data, we guide parents to know about how the children can do well in some areas of focus and how to excel in their best areas.
This analysis also helps do the Career Counselling without “HIT and MISS”.
Remember, there is no rewind button for LIFE.

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