Amruthdhara Ep – 115 Parenting Problems and Solution – Srinivas Bhai – Brahma Kumaris

Category : Talk Show
Language : Telugu

Amruthdhara is the Nectar of Godly Versions that

flow to reach the Human. This Nectar of Lord Shiva

is distributed by the learned Divine Personalities

who practically apply into their real life. This

Programme comprises items viz. Spiritual Values,

Moral Values, Stress Management, Self Management,

Mind Management, Relationship Management, Happy and

Stress Free Life, Solutions to Common life

situations etc…

This programme also heralds a great avenue in

opening up the inner wisdom and helps one to

understand at Core levels the Divine Knowledge

which is useful for a common man to lead a Happy,

Healthy and Prosperous Life. The basic objective

of this programme is to unravel many spiritual

secrets as solutions for common problems of any

human being.

Anchor: BK Vaishali, BK Karuna, BK

Speakers : Muppalaneni Shiva ji (Film Director in

Tollywood),Rajyoga Teacher

Telecast on : Peace Of Mind, Siti Vision, CTV, Maa

TV, Metro TV, Mega TV,
STV, CVR Spiritual, Express TV, TV News 5, Mirchi

TV, IndiaOn (Web TV)
Production House: Godlywood Studio
Organizer: Brahmakumaris

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