In this Parenting with a Limb Difference episode we talk with Mandy, Christa, Jeff and Erica about their fears (or lack of fears) about starting a family, and learn about how (and if) their limb difference came into play in their decision to start a family.
During April and May 2020 I interviewed parents who are missing limbs, to ask them what their parenting journeys have been like with their limb differences. I am expecting my first baby any day now, and I am missing my left hand, so these interviews were extremely empowering, sobering, and uplifting for me – and i hope they will be a source of strength and education for all of the new parents out there who are wondering to themselves ‘will I be able to do this?’ As I learned from these incredible parents, the journey is filled with ups and downs, but ultimately so much joy! In this episode, I talk with Ashley and James about how their little one has adapted to work with and love their unique bodies!

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