ADHD CME: Prescribing ADHD Medications & ADHD Treatment Options , ADHD in Adults Anthony Rostain MD/MA, the Medical Director for the Penn Medicine Adult ADHD Program emphasizes the importance of knowing your patients when prescribing medication for the treatment of ADHD. Understanding the traits of “at risk” patients can help primary care providers identify the potential for medication abuse.

Most ADHD medications act as a stimulant and have the potential to be abused, especially in colleges and universities where prescriptions may be diverted from the original patient. This type of misuse is more common in colleges because stimulants serve as cognitive performance enhancers that students use while studying or and can sometimes be used recreationally.

Alternative, low risk, stimulant medications exist to treat ADHD. These include slow releasing (extended release amphetamines) that are stimulant medications with a reduced risk of abuse. Three non-stimulant medications are also available for ADHD patients.

Physicians may be concerned with medical and legal consequences that can occur if a patient is abusing or diverting federally controlled medication, such as Adderall. It is becoming increasingly common for Doctors to use careful documentation, such as a detailed contract about the medication and its use, which is signed by the patient. Doctors diagnosing ADHD in adults can use such contracts to avoid legal problems.

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