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Hello Inspiring Parents & Kids, Welcome to KidoVity Stars ContestCup…!

***** KidoVity Stars ContestCup *****
Our Youtube Channel is
“Of the PARENTS & KIDS, For the PARENTS & KIDS and By the PARENTS & KIDS”

The motto is “Learning while Playing…!”
We aim to make kids smart by developing fun educational methods so as to create a sense of confidence in them.
We believe that a kid’s first learning begins at home. Keeping our belief in mind, we would be presenting videos of the various activities, simply performed by the kiddos, at home.

KidoVity Stars ContestCup is a Learning Tutorial
Of the Kids, For the kids, By the Kids, where our champs would be showing their skills & setting an example for everyone.

Let us experience education with a twist. Time to experience the joy of sharing, happy playings, creating crafting ideas, everyday play hacks and exploring new concepts.
The videos may include simple steps, playing, crafting, home science experiments, fun games, challenges, art, lifehacks, etc.

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KidoVity Star Name: Miss Aahana Hemen Shah
Age: 7 Years (Y.O.B.: 2013)
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Fathers Name: Mr. Hemen Shah
Mothers Name: Mrs. Zarna Shah
Activity Name: Fun Activity-Categories of Fruit Names.
Activity Details: The game is chosing a category of different groups like Fruits, Animals, Vegeables, States, Etc & saying new thing out of the category, alternatively by the players.
Requirements / Things used:
1. General Knowledge
2. Minimum Two Players
Advantages of doing this activity:
1. Kids Learn Fast & Easily
2. Their GK will increase
3. They will learn to accept that even if they lose it’s OK.
4. Curiosity to learn new things will increase.

KidoVity Star Name: Miss Suhani Virendra Chhajer
Age: 6 Years (Y.O.B.: 2014)
Place: Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Fathers Name: Mr. Virendra Chhajer
Mothers Name: Mrs. Priyanka Chhajer
Activity Name: Fun Activity-Blocks Activity
Activity Details: The activity includes playing with Blocks & creating structure through Imaginations.
Requirements / Things used:
1. Blocks
Advantages of doing this activity:
1. Increase Concentration Levels
2. Raises Creativity
3. Boost Problem Solving Skills
4. Boost Imagination Power

Parenting is an exciting adventurous feel but, sometimes it does get tiring with the same routine lives. We just try to add on few elements to make it a little easier.
We as Parents always try to provide with best growth for our kids as there is no perfect formula for being parents, it is just live and learn & it starts at Home…!

At KidoVity Stars ContestCup, we encourage Parents & Kids to come up with their ideas, by sharing their videos of kids performing skills. Join our journey.
Drop in your valuable comments and suggestions for our improvement. Sharing is Caring.
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