A review on Young Living products found in the Basic Starter Kit, including Stress Away

Today I am reviewing the Basic Starter Kit from Young Living. A friend of mine, Anh Nguyen, sells these products and sold me on trying them out. I am not being paid for this review, nor did I receive items for free.

After making this video, more than two hours later, I am still enjoying the Stress Away as my youngest child screams (refusing to go to sleep).

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If you would like to read my review in my blog, The Parenting Roller Coaster, please see the blog post here: https://parenting-rollercoaster.blog/2020/07/09/self-care-thursday-oil-it-up-a-review-of-young-living-items/?fbclid=IwAR3yTefhUsE0oJWmy7Chyip8-IzH9rAFvelQsaihb7gSAxQ2cizKKV4ejGI

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