59 CHINESE APPS Banned in INDIA |TIKTOK|Shareit|Camscanner|Helo|LIKEE|Wechat etc.

59 CHINESE APPS Banned in INDIA |TIKTOK|Shareit|Camscanner|Helo|LIKEE|Wechat etc.

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Video Content covers the following:

1. TikTok2. Shareit3. Kwai4. UC Browse5. Baidu map6. Shein7. Clash of Kings8. DU battery saver9. Helo10. Likee11. YouCam makeup12. Mi Community13. CMBrowsers14. Virus Cleaner15. APUS Browser
16. ROMWE17. Club Factory18. Newsdog19. Beauty Plus20. WeChat21. UC News22. QQ Mail23. Weibo24. Xender25. QQ Music26. QQ Newsfeed27. Bigo Live28. SelfieCity29. Mail Master30. Parallel Space
31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi32. WeSync33. ES File Explorer34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc35. Meitu36. Vigo Video37. New Video Status38. DU Recorder39. Vault- Hide40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio41. DU Cleaner42. DU Browser43. Hago Play With New Friends44. Cam Scanner45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile46. Wonder Camera47. Photo Wonder48. QQ Player49. We Meet50. Sweet Selfie51. Baidu Translate52. Vmate53. QQ International54. QQ Security Center55. QQ Launcher56. U Video57. V fly Status Video58. Mobile Legends59. DU Privacy
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3. ParentingAdvice – https://youtu.be/QrinQZTrC5o
1. Maths Challenge(2 players) – https://youtu.be/DfeDeTP4Z94
2. KIDS and MOM Challenge(2 players) -https://youtu.be/dlc66tgZ1Bs
3. Jumbled words Challenge(2 players) – https://youtu.be/zsl0O3LDcBA
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5. Simple Math Trick (Increase in Memory and Trick their friends) -https://youtu.be/p_6JwvVu1Vo
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1) Must Know Whatsapp Tricks? https://youtu.be/J7wvUnojVHM
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This Video is only for Awareness purpose so viewers can quickly cross check and validate the apps.

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