5 Tips For Christian Parenting | Infants And Toddlers | Building A Strong Foundation

Today I share my top 5 tips for Christian Parenting when you have Infants and Toddlers. If you like this video and want more tips on how to be a Christian parent or have a topic you would like me cover, comment down below and I will do more videos like this one.

As a Christian parent it is our responsibility and our privilege to share our faith with our kids. We have an amazing opportunity to show them the love of Jesus in action on a daily basis. But what if our kids are just babies? or toddlers? How can we share our faith with them if they are just little ones? My goal today is to share some of my best tips for Christian parents that you can put into action today to help you shape your parenting style as a christian parent.

My 5 areas of focus in today’s video:
1. Prayer
2. Patience
3. Bible Stories & Songs
4. Music
5. Guidance


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