5 parenting tips to thrive during coronavirus lockdown

5 parenting tips that will help you, not only survive but thrive during your time together during this Coronavirus lockdown.
Schools are closed and we are all a little scared of how to handle house work, work, kids maybe even their school work. Its an extra full load.
Here are some tips or systems that will help this time smooth and pleasant for you and your kids.
#1 develop a schedule if they can read then put time fames and if the can’t read print pictures or drawings. Here is an example:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 School Work
11:00 Lunch
12:00 Outdoor time
1:00 School Work
2:30 Chores
3:00 Free time
(screen time)
5:30 Clean up
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Quality time
8:00 Book
8:30 Bed
#2 Clear Expectation whether is chores, screen time, snacks or treats children need to know when is the time, how much time, and where to do things.
Is all the house available to play legos? Can they interrupt you anytime? Do you need quiet time? Can they play music all day? Can they have their cellphone while doing school work?
Write down these expectations such as chore list, to-do list if they can read and if they can then make symbols for them to follow.
#3 Easy snacks that are accessible for children to eat independently. This will give them more independence and also they will interrupt you less. They need to know what you are comfortable with them eating. How many bars? Veggies?
#4 Let them be BORED! Some of the greatest ideas come from the times when we are bored. This is also the time to use our creativity. If you are really struggling with them being bored you can always refer to their To-do list and if the children are younger then they can make a “boring box” this box can be full of their favourite items as well as open ended materials such as:
-Rubber Bands
– Natural materials
#5 Quality time set aside to spend together. Let’s look at this time as a time to grow and learn form each other. Learn something new together, do special activities together, have enriching conversation, tell your children stories about when you were young, pull out family photos, do a photo album together, gardening, cooking the list is limitless.
Make sure your children know when this time is going to happen so that the know what to expect.
I hope this list will help you grow and thrive as a family. Despite the hardship of Coronavirus I know we can come together and make the most out of it. Enjoy this beautiful time together.

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