5 Parenting Tips l 5 Ways We can Give Our Child the Best

5 Most Effective Parenting Tips l It will surely work if practiced peacefully and patiently.
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The ways we can give our child the best

Try to answer all ‘why’s :-

This is the basic quality of a child. He will ask ‘why’ for every
happening as he is new in this world and eager to know all the things and
analyse them from his level of mind. But normally, we do not find time to
answer all ‘why’s from our busy schedule or do not feel it necessary to
reply their all ‘why’s and by that we are missing the best opportunity to
feed good things into their mind and not only this, they will not sit
quiet but will try to satisfy their mental hunger from other sources which
may misguide them.

Give quality time :-

In this fast life, it is understood that we can not spare the whole day
with the child but whatever time we spend must be qualitative one. We can
utilise every moment we spend by interacting with them. If we are going on
a picnic, we remain idle during the travelling. We normally, believe that
the fun is at the destination and not on the way and we miss the time
which even after spending with them remains unproductive. Similarly, in
the garden we generally sit on the bench leaving kids to play and not
encourage them in their activity or even look at them and again the time
passes unproductive.

Act well and teach well :-

They will imitate our action and not the mere words we say. So, whatever
we want to communicate we will have to put it in action. Normally, we tell
them not to shout but we shout at each other in front of them. We tell
them to work hard and we sit in front of TV set.

Always give positive strokes :-

Never use negative words like ‘ you are dull, you will never improve’ as
they will penetrate deep into their soft mind and leave strong impression
which may lead to severe mental disorder. Instead of it, few positive
words like ‘well done, do not worry, you can do, try again, you are smart
enough to perform well’, will give them tremendous strength and

Do not miss to appreciate them even for their small deeds and do not scold
them in front of others especially their friends.

Show good and blow bad :-

Say what to do instead of saying not to do. To remove bad habits or
behaviour, we have to cultivate good habits in parallel with it. Then they
themselves will analyse the difference and accept the good automatically
kicking off the bad. If they watch the cartoon network through out the day
on the TV, let them watch but tell them to watch informative channels also
like ‘discovery’ or ‘animal planet’ and after some days we may find them
watching the informative channels too.

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