#37 – Parenting Is The Ultimate Form Of Leadership with Dr. Lori Fishman

It might seem like today’s podcast is a bit different because we won’t necessarily be talking about leadership in the corporate industry. We are joined by Dr. Lori Fishman. She’s a child and adolescent psychologist and she’s here to help us parents become great leaders for our kids during the pandemic.

Key takeaways:

Introduction [0:13]
Introducing our guest [1:20]
Advice to parents on their kid’s self-esteem/self-confidence [2:55]
Why parents gravitate to picking out the negatives [4:00]
Different ways of working with kids’ self-esteem [5:20]
On kids being a bit rebellious [7:23]
Pro tip: don’t nag [8:53]
Handling kids when they go the “wrong way” [10:03]
What’re the biggest complaints of parents [12:45]
Is there a guideline for leading kids? [13:25]
Allow your child to fall a little bit; it will teach them invaluable lessons [17:12]
This generation of kids have so much anxiety [19:45]
How to know you’re helping your child [21:42]
John participate in a quick role-play [23:10]
Let your child talk their feelings; don’t just simply brush them off [26:32]
One mouth and two ears: use them in that proportion [29:25]]
What can parents do to help their kids during this pandemic [33:34]
On staying on top of the pandemic [38:09]
It’s okay to take a step back; get some break [41:41]
“Being too bored causes anxiety…” [42:40]
On being “be present” [43:15]
Final thoughts: take a step back and be less emotional; stop unconsciously blaming your kids; don’t be too hard on yourself when you commit these mistake with your kids [45:40]
Where to find Dr. Lori [49:17]

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