349: How to Be Your Best in High Stress Situations With Former Army Ranger and CIA Agent

I’m pretty sure every one of us has experienced some level of high stress, especially these days! I am here with Jeff Banman, a former firefighter, U.S. Army Ranger, and CIA Counter-terrorism Operator. He’s made a career of studying successful people and discovering which variables allow them to survive or even thrive in stressful situations. Jeff has taken all he’s learned from years of conducting operations and missions all over the world and applied it to all aspects of modern-day parenting.Jeff is a parent as well, so we also talk about how to foster this mindset of resilience and strength in your kids from an early age. I think you’ll enjoy this super creative and science-based way to look at adversity as much as I did.Episode Highlights With Jeff Banman What combat situations teach us about the brain Jeff’s three Cs that allow kids (and adults) to thrive: comfort, confidence, and creativity Why parenting may be the toughest and most important leadership role anyone can have What it means to live in a conscious parenting zone Tips and strategies for getting comfortable with discomfort How heart rate variability lets us see stress Ways to find (and create) calm even when there’s chaos How to judge an acceptable and healthy level of risk for kids Why Jeff made it his life’s mission to help people be more resilient And more!Resources We Mention Mindset Radio Podcast Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind & Create a New One by Joe Dispenza Ryan Holiday books (Stillness Is the Key and more) Mark Manson books (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and more) Primal Leadership by Daniel GolemanCan you relate to Jeff’s life lessons? What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.[toggle title=”Read Transcript”]Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.This episode is sponsored by Joovv Red Light Therapy, a natural red light therapy in your very own home. We may not think of light when we think of essential nutrients that our body needs, but light is absolutely necessary for the body. This is the reason I go outside as soon as possible after waking up in the morning, and the reason I spend time in front of my Joovv. Light is energy and our bodies need light in certain forms in order to sustain healthy cellular function. Red light in particular, especially in certain wavelengths, has very specific benefits for hair, skin, and cellular energy. I like Joovv because they are third-party tested for safety and performance and use a Patented modular design which allows you easily treat your whole body in under 20 minute and lets you use anything from a small system to a larger system that you would find in a Chiropractors office. Joovv uses clinically proven wavelengths of light that provide energy to the body. They have Bundle pricing discounts which allow you to save more money when purchasing larger setups. Get free shipping at joovv.com/wellnessmama and use code WELLNESSMAMA for a free gift!This podcast is brought to you by Wellnesse, a new company I co-founded to bring the best personal care products from my family to yours. Our whitening toothpaste is based on my DIY formula that I have been making and perfecting for over a decade. Now, after almost 100 rounds of tweaking the formula and thousands of positive reviews, I could not be more proud to share this with your family. Have you ever read a tube of normal toothpaste? I did when my older kids were little, and I found a warning that said, “Warning, keep away from children. Do not swallow. If ingested contact Poison Control or seek medical attention immediately.” That seemed a little extreme for something that I was putting in my mouth and my children’s mouth multiple times a day. And I didn’t want my kids using something that often that I would need to call a poison control center if

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