3 TIPS FOR PICKY EATERS | What does success with a picky eater look like? What can parents do?

Is your kiddo a ‘picky eater’? Toddlers and preschoolers are very verbal and not afraid to tell us they don’t want to eat something.

That creates a lot of stress for us as the parent:

“Are they eating enough?”

“Are they getting enough veggies?”

“What can I do?”

“I feel like giving up”

In this video I’ll help you reframe your mindset by answering the questions – what does success look like and what can you do to help your kiddo?

Mealtimes without Meltdowns course:
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If your child is struggling with obsessions around certain foods like dessert or processed foods, I designed a mini course that helps you confidently stop restricting, start talking confidently and positively about these foods AND foster a positive relationship with them for your child. Check out the free video for Stress-Free Sweets & Eats:

Did you find the phrases in the video helpful? Maybe you struggle with phrases around mealtimes? I’ve got a brand new free resource for you: 3 Respectful Phrases to Beat Mealtime Meltdowns with Confidence.
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