3 Key Parenting Essentials

Parenting is tough already…so when there are problems between mom and dad, it’s EVEN MORE difficult to parent. Sometimes, people come to our Workshop and say “I have NO intention or desire to save my marriage, but I’ll come to your Workshop because that will help me parent.” What is our response? Absolutely. Please come.

People come to our Workshop (even if they want out of the marriage) because they’ve been told that it helps with communication as parents- even though it’s a marriage workshop. It will teach valuable information that is still important EVEN IF you split up. Even though it’s a marriage workshop, every principle about relationships applies back to parenting.

In this video, our Client Representative, Erin, explains the principles she learned at the Workshop changed her life- AND her parenting.

One of the first concepts in the Workshop that stood out to Erin about parenting is “The Wall.” When a person fears that you’ll reject them, they build a “wall” and hide their real self. When someone builds a wall, they put up a pretend image of themselves, but actually want to be loved as they are. So at Marriage Helper, we want to help people learn how to take bricks down; to live into who they really are.

Erin explains that it is essential for your child to know you as a “safe place.” Children put bricks up when they think they might be rejected.

Another concept Erin learned at the Workshop about parenting is “Attachment Styles.” A child will develop differently based on the level of emotional support he/she receives.

While you receive self-knowledge at the Workshop, it will also prompt you to think your children. You will begin to ask yourself: “How can I help them be more secure? “Will you be here for me when I need you?”

Finally, the Workshop taught Erin about how to handle her feelings. When children see one parent’s anger toward the other parent, they don’t know what to do. It may cause them to put up a “brick.” The Workshop helps bring awareness to a spouse on how to handle, manage it.

It’s so much easier when both parents have this knowledge with whatever the outcome may be. And, it helps your children develop better relationships in the future.

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