#1.45.Q&A Work:Life Balance – the great divide!

Today, let’s unpack two big questions for our happiness and success – The great Work:Life Divide: what is the debate really about? AND Work:Life Balance: does it even exist & do we want it?

In considering the Work:Life distinction, we look into current Workers’ Rights, including hours of work, flexi-time, Menopause policies and #TheRightToDisconnect. We draw some further insights from the Happiness Parenting Gap study and what we’re experiencing now through the Covid-19 pandemic as we all learn to #WorkFromHome.

By exploring these blurring boundaries and spillage as we chase high engagement productivity levels, we ask ourselves if Stanford University’s Ideal Worker archetype is even useful to us, especially in light of learnings from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s ground-breaking Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme.

Then, we dive into Work:Life Balance – does it even exist & do we want it? We look at balance in light of our mother’s kitchen scales & smooth-running Wheels of Life and how such useful coaching concepts can become instruments of our own torture!

We get to decide now if we really want to continue to buy into the Superwoman Complex or if there’s a better role model for you now in Midlife – especially with so many great woman leading the world today.

In our self-coaching we can ask ourselves more about what we want in our Midlife, how do we want to live inside, inside our heads and hearts, how do we want to show up in the world, how do we want to lead?

Perhaps we might want instead your own version of Artisanal Unbalance or something hilariously outrageous as poet Jenny Joseph describes in “Warning”?

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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