🔵 Danish Way of Parenting. How to Raise Smart and Happy Children – #7

For the last 40 years, scientific researchers have declared that the Danish people were the happiest on earth. Not only is Denmark the happiest country, but one of the smartest. Mensa ranks Denmark #5 based on the number of geniuses per capita. Today we are here with Jessica Joelle Alexander who is a Danish parenting expert and bestselling author of a new book, The Danish Way. 🔥 Click on ‘Show More’ for details (…)

She’s uncovered the real secret to the Danes’ happiness and is here to tell us how we can cultivate our own happy children.

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Jessica Joelle Alexander is a bestselling author, Danish parenting expert, journalist, speaker, and cultural researcher. Her work has been featured in TIME, Salon, The Atlantic, the NY Times, Vanity Fair, NPR, Huffington Post, Mothermag and the Greater Good Science Center Berkley. Her book The Danish Way of Parenting: what the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids, is published in over 21 countries and 19 languages. Jessica speaks four languages and lives with her Danish husband and two children in Europe.

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