🎭 (EXPERIMENTAL) Ideal Life Subliminal | Coco's Fallen Garden 🎭

– Welcome to my beautiful garden♡ I’m the ‘fairy’ of this garden –

❏ Info on this subliminal:
– This ideal life subliminal will basically change any aspects of your life! You can change anything in your current life to your ideal life.

❏ How to make this more effective? Tips!
✎ Make sure after listening to this, you have to make sure you are at least stress free and also drink water not alcohol!(°□°;)
✎ Just listen about 2 to 3 times because I loop this a bunch of times!
✎ Be consistent! Dont change your playlist a lot!
✎ Use earphones if you like!
✎ Belief is always the key(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

❏ Duration of effectiveness:
– It can be around 1 week or 1 month. It varies for many people but if you find this subliminal not working then I suggest you try a new updated version or perhaps another sub makers if you like –

➸ BGM: Like the Beginning – SVT Mingyu (Ideal Cut solo) Music box version by Melodieux


✎ a 15 year old sub maker and user♡
✎ a carat for life but stans other artists
✎ a bit picky with subs😅

_social media_

instagram: @cocosfallengarden


– Have a nice day! I hope to see you again here at Coco’s Fallen Garden –

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