🆕 Parenting Workshop Session 1 – 👉 What Are The Parenting Challenges Due To The Current Lockdown

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The video is all about effective parenting workshop but also try to cover the following subject:
-What are the parenting challenges due to the current lockdown
-benefits of the parental workshop.
-what are the key benefits of home education/education system?

One thing I discovered when I was searching for information on effective parenting workshop was the lack of appropriate information.
Effective parenting workshop, however, is a subject that I understand something about. This video, therefore, should be relevant and of interest to you.
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Have I addressed all of your questions about effective parenting workshop?
People who looked for what are the parenting challenges due to the current lockdown likewise looked for benefits of the parental workshop…

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  • A program to follow on your own at home or with a small working group to create together.
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