यह 6 चीजे जान लो पढ़ने और सीखने का नशा लग जायेगा । By Pankaj_Shukla

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Dr. Pankaj Shukla is a life management guru, yog guru, corporate trainer, counselor, motivator, poet, author, director in own company, national debater, naturopathy consultant, mind and memory trainer, Spiritual Healer, Advisor, Business Coach, and A social worker.
He has been providing training since 2003 on different -different topics like Emotional intelligence, Thinking Power, Conflict Management, Decision Making Ability, Sales and Marketing, Success Management, Stress Management, Leadership development, team building, personality development, yoga, meditation, pranayam, communication and behavior, public speaking, grooming, mind power, memory power, body language, parenting, time management, life management, entrepreneur development, taxation and finance, project report, goal setting etc.
He has conducted workshop and seminar in more than 3000 branded corporate companies, central government, state government, bank, educational institution etc. across India on approx 40 plus topics.


 Hello friends,

In This video Dr. Pankaj Shukla has elaborated main fundamental things of memory and mind which is stimulate inner energy to do something or not to do.
This is very amazing video consist a wonderful information and energy booster power pack by which you mind definitely will be ready to start learning and studying.
Learning and studying is a job in which needed lots of concentration and energy than students and people will start study.
Students and working people all have a lots of reason to not study or spend time for learning something, here Dr shukla has explain main powerful secret to enlightenment your inner energy and interest towards study and learning any thing which is necessary for your life job and carrier.

Here this video definitely you like and share because the word and contents of this video are more impressive and powerful. and more relevant in this current situation. people are in India, maharashtra, Uttarparadesh, Panjan, Madhyapradesh or any city villages are not able to focus on their study learning training or courses just because lots of obstacle like mobile tv video game etc. in this case this video is very powerful to convert students of school or college or working job people or business man/person focus to start accepting new technology and learning from today.


In this video Explain “6” wonderful formula:
1. Jaruri (Need)
2. Jarurat (Necessary/ important )
3. Maja (Enjoyment)
4. Dar (Fear)
5. Majburi (Forcefulness/ Force/pressure)
6.Jid (Tenacity/Persistence/self will/will power)


Video contents details:

How we can start study in full swing?
How we can focus to our learning?
How to improve memory power and concentration?
How to increase interest towards study and learning?
How to convince child to focus on their study and carrier?
How to do free from laziness?
How to get full inner power to do anything?
How to make our self devoted to focus on study learning or training?
How can leave lust or addiction?


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